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Use the Power of Data to Stay Compliant And Reduce Incidents

Honeywell Safety Suite At a Glance

According to the National Safety Council, falls are one of the leading causes of worker injury and death. And they’re often the result of breakdowns in compliance tracking. Fall protection equipment sometimes misses proper inspection for wear and damage, employees may don’t receive the proper training for working at heights, or they may be assigned the wrong equipment for the job.

These are a few of the most common issues affecting worker health and safety. To help solve them, Honeywell has created Safety Suite.

What is Safety Suite?

Safety Suite is a cloud-based, open platform that lets safety managers securely manage and review all safety information in one place, from almost anywhere, in real-time.

It includes multiple cloud offerings, serving different purposes:

1.       Honeywell Device Configurator is a solution suitable for local deployments (Windows-based).

2.       Honeywell Device Manager maintains and keeps multi-site fleet management (Cloud-based software)

3.       Worker Compliance is a Safety Suite module collecting data about equipment safety and worker training into a centralized interface.

4.       ProRAE Guardian keeps real-time personal and point threat-detection data on toxic gases and radiation, worker location, and their physiological condition.

Is the worker ready for the job?

If you’re like many safety managers, buried under a mammoth of data, you may struggle to confidently answer this question. Recognize yourself in this statement?

I’m currently spending a lot of time creating safety training requirements, setting up courses, scheduling them, and updating individual records to ensure compliance. How can Safety Suite ease this burden?

Honeywell Worker Compliance helps managers get an accurate picture of training compliance. When you add a worker, you can associate that worker with a specific work task, PPE and training and are always updated on the performance level of each category. It automates the curricula a specific worker needs and notifies the manager when recertification is required. 

The Job Compliance level is a dashboard showing different tasks and the workers trained to perform them.  E.g Working on heights skill – who is both compliant from a PPE and a training standpoint?

Worker Compliance can be linked to a learning management system and human resources database, so new hires get automatically added to the software.

How to monitor my device fleet?

I want people at each of my four locations to be able to monitor their local and remote devices, and I need real-time visibility to all devices in my corporate office. Can this be done safely and securely?

Safety Suite builds a centralized online repository of your PPE.

It reads RFID tags embedded in PPE and automatically imports the item description including the serial no., date of manufacturing, date added in the system. It also includes step-by-step inspection instructions to check equipment based on manufacturer recommendations, where you can attach images and comments as you go through. So, at the next inspection, whoever is doing the check can see the notes and take appropriate action.

Need to inspect a harness? Simply scan the RFID tag to view the inspection history for that piece of equipment. Works with equipment from other manufacturers, too. This helps managers proactively track and schedule safety inspections of PEE, as well as non-PPE gear like fire equipment, lanyards, extinguishers, jackhammers, smoke detectors etc.

For instance, Safety Suite’s ProRAE Guardian integrates device data and alarm status from Honeywell toxic gas and radiation monitors and select third-party devices on a single dynamic map. It allows the information to be shared by multiple plant managers or responder teams through a secure Internet connection.  The software also offers offline mode for some mobile devices.

How can I reduce the burden on my IT team?

The software automates many IT-related issues of device management. For example, configuration has been simplified across all devices using logical data groups to manage individual configuration elements effortlessly. For faster configuration, device templates can be defined and applied across all devices. You can also manage device firmware using on-screen notifications for obsolete firmware and one-click firmware updates.

Quick specs

·         Available for local deployments

·         Windows – Honeywell safety Suite Device Configurator and multi-site fleet management (Honeywell Safety Suite Device Manager)

·         Easy user interface

·         Secure cloud environment

·         Email alerts and notifications on key actions on assets and trainings

·         Visual Data Management

·         RFID Scanning and Automatic Data Assets Data Import – scan harnesses and upload info in the platforms

·         Online/offline mobile application for inspection Management – Apple, Android, tablets

·         Bulk Data and Document Management

·         Multiple sites and locations management feature

·         Roles and Permissions

·         Self-service administration – permissions, product information, inspection templates

·         On-demand and scheduled reporting

Top Safety Suite FAQs

How can I purchase the Safety Suite Device Manager?

Honeywell Safety Suite Device Manager is offered as Software as a service (SaaS). You can buy the software subscription to start using the software. However, you can sign up for trial or for European Union customers at EU trial before you buy it for a one-month trial subscription that allows for up to 25 users and 25 instruments.

How do I connect devices to communicate with the platform?

The devices connect to Honeywell Safety Suite Device Manager through a software called Gateway, installed on a computer at the customer site. The Gateway software can be accessed and installed after the customer logs into Honeywell Safety Suite Device Manager and creates a Site corresponding to the physical location of the devices. The user guide provides more details about installing and configuring the Gateway.

What languages are supported?

Safety Suite currently supports English. Support for additional languages may be added in future releases.

How can I access the software?

The software is accessible through Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, currently the two supported browsers.

For a complete list of frequently asked questions about Safety Suite, go here.