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The Safety Brief for March. News, Events and More

March flew by, leaving little room to any news except that surrounding the worldwide pandemic. In case you’ve missed it, here is the brief from March and beginning of April.

CDC Tests Decontamination of Filtering Facepiece Respirators

While decontamination is not part of N95s standard care, the CDC has considered reusing disposable filtering facepiece respirators in times of PPE shortage. The CDC tested various decontamination methods on various respirator models, including Honeywell North 8150, and published some interesting results, here.

The Need for Fit Testing During Emerging Infectious Disease Outbreaks

Respirator fit-testing is necessary to ensure users receive the expected level of protection. Breaks in the seal of a respirator can allow contaminants in, the CDC reminds. Moreover, the CDC recommends qualitative fit testing to avoid depleting the number of masks available. Qualitative fit-testing does not imply discarding the mask and the respirator can be worn again after the test. Read more.

NIOSH Promotes Total Worker Health

A new research initiative, Total Worker Health® (TWH) is “defined as policies, programs, and practices that integrate protection from work-related safety and health hazards with promotion of injury and illness prevention efforts to advance worker well-being”, writes.

Honeywell Rolls out N95 mask production in Rhode Island

In just 5 weeks, Honeywell reconverted its Rhode Island plant to manufacture in-demand masks. The plant typically makes safety glasses and face shields. In mid-May, the company’s aerospace facility in Phoenix, Arizona will also start producing N95 masks. Once both sites are fully operational, they will produce more than 20 million masks per month.

WHO Releases the Ear and Hearing Survey Handbook

The World Health Organization released a guide to facilitate the planning and conduct of hearing loss prevalence surveys. You can find it, here.

Stay safe, everyone!

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Alexandra Serban
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Alexandra Serban is the Content Marketing Specialist for Honeywell Industrial Safety. A seasoned writer and digital storyteller, she is learning and reporting on industrial safety news, trends and products.