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How to Make Campuses Healthier From End-to-End This Fall

Universities are vibrant miniature cities, with high population densities that span acres of land. Campus buildings such as teaching labs, dining facilities, and lecture halls gather thousands of people simultaneously. But that’s changing. Pandemic safety restrictions are making universities re-imagine not only the face-to-face teaching experience but also campus spaces and operations.

Is your campus ready for the fall semester? Are your students and faculty comfortable coming back? Two difficult questions and an even more challenging task for university administrators.

Honeywell is ready to assist you. Our vast expertise in personal protective equipment, advanced sensing, and building automation technologies are available to support universities and colleges in re-starting classroom activity more safely. Here’s how.

1.       Frictionless entry with touchless access control and temperature screening

Now more than ever, personal hygiene and wellbeing are on everyone’s minds.

The Safety Pack is an individual personal protective equipment kit. It’s pre-packed, re-sealable, and includes personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, and hand wipes. It can be available for pick up from vending machines, or kits can be distributed to students, faculty, administrators/staff, and visitors.

We are also expanding production capacity for our N95 face masks and other critical respiratory PPE.

Honeywell ThermoRebellion™ * is an AI-driven temperature detection system. It incorporates advanced, infrared imaging technology, and artificial intelligence algorithms to conduct a non-invasive, preliminary screening of individuals entering a facility.

It can effectively scan individuals at campus building entrances. It offers accurate, non-intrusive skin temperature measurement with no contact required.  If an individual is identified as having elevated temperature, a secondary method can then be applied to confirm the presence of fever.  It’s simple, easy-to-use interface delivers real-time data and alert notifications.

2.       Room safety via air quality control and security systems

Placed in any room, our sensors can monitor humidity, pressure levels, and temperature as well as occupancy levels, while our air purifying solutions keep air cleaner and reduce the risk of airborne cross-contamination.

Restrooms and cafeterias are especially vulnerable to cross-contamination. They need to be protected through targeted air quality systems. A negative-pressure ventilation system and UVC light will clean surfaces and the surrounding air. And access controls for lock-out will send alerts in response to any sanitation incidents.

3.       Advanced analytics for social distancing and overall university health

Are people on campus adhering to safety policies? Are your buildings operating within the latest health guidelines? Our advanced analytics enable enforcement of healthy social distancing.

Honeywell Forge Analytics track and alert you when social distancing measures are not followed. It can provide location-specific alerts and responses coupled with video-analytics confirmation. This allows universities to monitor compliance in adherence to standard operating procedures.

But more importantly, Forge can help you assess your building’s overall performance by providing benchmarks for all properties, or by individual property or an individual room.

How quickly can we implement solutions to these challenges?

We can help with your efforts to make your campus safer immediately. Draw on our deep technical experience in building technologies, personal protective equipment, and data analytics to reassure students, teachers, and staff that you are taking aggressive measures to provide a healthier campus environment.

Contact us for more information on our fully-integrated solutions.

*Honeywell ThermoRebellion™ is currently not FDA cleared.

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