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18 Tips to Use Chemical Gloves Safely

Donning and doffing safety gloves isn’t as simple as one might think. One misstep is enough to contaminate the doorknob, clothing and other personal belongings. As with other PPE, there’s a right procedure to put on and take off disposable and reusable chemical gloves to avoid cross-contamination. Here are the steps to perform this as safely as possible

Before putting on gloves

1.       Check the marking to make sure you have the right glove and the right size.

2.       Clean and dry your hands thoroughly. Any pre-existing contaminants on your hands will transfer to the glove.

3.       Check your gloves for soiled spots or defects (abrasions, holes, tears).

4.       Remove all jewelry and other items that could potentially tear the gloves.

During use

5.       Turn the cuff of the gloves outwards to help prevent liquids from running down your arms while working.

6.       Don‘t wear gloves for too long. Exchange your gloves after approx. two hours with a fresh pair. Gloves are lighter and more comfortable when free of sweat.

7.       For hygienic reasons, replace gloves at least every five days.

*When working with chemicals

8.       Do not wear your gloves longer than the recommended usage time.

9.       Dispose of the gloves in accordance with the disposal of the chemical.

10.   Don’t touch your face or adjust other PPE with contaminated gloves.

Discover our white paper on chemical hazards and skin irritation.

Before taking them off

11.   If possible, clean your gloves under cold running water before removing them. Note: Clean the entire glove and not just the palm region.

Taking off gloves

12.   Take off gloves from the inside out to avoid contamination. Carefully turn the cuff of the gloves inside out and peel it off your hand.

13.   Touch the dirty glove only with the covered hand.

14.   Use the bare hand to reach inside the other glove and turn inside out.

After wearing gloves

15.   Dispose of dirty or damaged gloves. When used with chemicals, dispose of the gloves in accordance with the disposal of the chemical.

16.   Before wearing the same gloves again, be sure that the inside of the gloves is well dried by putting or hanging the gloves with the fingertips upright and allowing air to circulate inside the glove.

17.   Don’t reuse disposable gloves once removed, as the risk of tearing and contamination increases.

18.   After removing gloves, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer or soap and water for hand hygiene.

Note: For safety reasons, this is not always feasible, i.e. does not apply to contaminated chemical gloves! Contaminated chemical gloves should be disposed of in accordance with the disposal of the chemical.

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